A whole range of tests to validate the reliability of your products and materials

The ARENIUS laboratory supports you during the qualification of your products, or your equipment, as part of your validations we carry out climatic testing (dry heat test, cold or low temperature test, damp heat test, thermal shock test…) environmental test (corrosion test, salt fog test, sunshine and UV test, degrees of protection provided by enclosures test, IP test, and mechanical testing (sine, random, sine dwell, sine on random, random on random vibrations test, mechanical shock test, bumps test, CRS shock test software…).

Reliability is now a major issue for companies in terms of costs, as well as in terms of image and communication. The purpose of these tests is to validate and qualify the reliability of your developments and/or your new products, in order to support you in the selection of your components, your suppliers, your technical choices and / or innovative solutions.

Today, known and recognized professional from industrial sector as the automotive, electronics, aeronautics, aerospace, defense, rail, electronic payment, energy, etc… call on the services of the laboratory ARENIUS.

The solid experience of our laboratory guarantees you a good execution of the tests according to the civil standards (IEC 60529, IEC 60068-2-1, IEC 60068-2-11, ISO 9227, ISO 15-B02, ASTM B117 …),, automobiles (D17 1058, D17 2028, VDA 621-415, SAE J2334, RSA 31-07-049 …), aeronautics (RTCA DO 160, military (MIL STD 810, MIL STD 883, MIL STD 202, AECTP Method 300, GAM EG 13…) whether international or French, but also according to your particular product specifications.

The laboratory also offers failure analysis services by micrographic section and SEM analysis (scanning electron microscope) in order to assist you in your investigations on quality issues (electromigration, whiskers, shape of brazing, homogeneity of alloys, contamination, etc. broken tracks…).

They trust us…