Failure analysis

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ARENIUS laboratory realises other qualification tests such as abrasion test, scratch test, traction and tensile test, fluid contamination test (automotive and industrial fluids, synthetic sweat...)
Among these tests, our laboratory realise also ESD (Electrostatic discharges) until 15 kV, and electrical safety test. Our laboratory performs also failure analysis by micrographic section and SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) for your quality trouble analysis and investigations (soldering shape, alloy quality...)
We have committed ourselves to a quality accreditation processes (COFRAC, CIL, PTP). Our laboratory is a member of ASTE (Association pour le développement des sciences et techniques de l’environnement) association.

Failure analysis

As part as your analyses or investigations in order to establish failure mechanisms and modes (contamination, corrosion, electro-migration, whiskers, soldering failures…) we realize non destructive or destructive analysis according to your requirements.
- Binocular observation
- Wetting analysis
- Chemical package opening
- Micro sectioning
- EDX material analysis (energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy)
- SEM observation (Scanning Electron Microscopy)
- Layer and inter-metallic thicknesses measurements

Traction / compression testing

Effort maxi : 50kN
Movement speed : 50mm/min
Cyclic endurance with effort controls
Operating mode: peeling / break

Main failure mechanisms

Product mechanical deformation

Abrasion / Peeling / Scratch testing

Abrasion (crockmeter) and scratch bench

Main failure mechanisms

Appearance modification
Loss of information


D24 5010, D25 1075, D27 1389, D51 1485, D14 1055 ISO 2409,

Cable bending

Cable bending bench with continuity check

Main failure mechanisms

Mechanical deformation
Bad electrical contacts
Appearance of micro cracks


UL817, CEI 60335, CEI 884-1, VDE0620-2

Electric security and electromagnetic compatibility testing

±15kV in the air and on contact
Dielectric test AC: 100 to 15 000V
Dielectric test DC: 100 to 16 000V
Insulation resistance: 1 to 40mA

Main failure mechanisms

Material fusion
Insulating breakdown
Semi-conductors destruction


CEI 61000-4-2, ISO 10373-1

Contamination testing

Acid & basic sweat resistance
Resistance to chemicals and automotive fluids
Resistance to polluting solutions

Main failure mechanisms

Modification of the elasticity properties of polymers
Change in appearance


CEI 60068-2-74, ISO 10373-1 AECTP method 314, D47 1025, D47 1024, D47 1021, D47 1022, D47 1020, D47 1924

Mechanical design office

Vibrations tests mechanical interfaces design is a leading step for reliable tests results, fixtures must ensure physical strength transmissibility without increasing tests severity because of resonance frequencies. Our laboratory can manage complex mechanical interfaces design for your vibrations tests. Services include drawings design, modal analysis, and fixtures manufacturing with qualified subcontractors.

Our mechanical design office develop also mechanical endurance benches according to your specifications tests. Our philosophy is to develop less expensive solutions particularly when only one qualification test is requested. Our service include control and measurements software programming (Labview MMI), parts benches industrials drawings, and benches conception.

Intellectual engineering

With 20 years of experience our laboratory can support you during the products qualification test plans (QTP) writing. At the end of consultation step and specifications analysis (life profile, product mission) we define and write QTP: tests groups, tests severities, tests durations…

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