Mechanical design office

The design of mechanical vibration interfaces is an leading step in your mechanical tests, mechanical interface must ensure the transmissibility of physical forces without increasing the severity of the tests by their own resonance frequencies. Our laboratory can support the development of your complex mechanical interfaces for carrying out your tests. The service includes the realization of plans, modal analysis and the realization of vibration frames thanks to qualified partners.

As part of your mechanical endurance tests, our laboratory also carries out test benches that meet your specifications. Our philosophy is to develop low cost endurance benches especially when your tests are “one-off”. Our service includes the production of control and measurement software with user-friendly interfaces (Labview programming), industrial drawings of the parts, and the design of the bench.

Vibrations tests mechanical interfaces design is a leading step for reliable tests results, fixtures must ensure physical strength transmissibility without increasing tests severity because of resonance frequencies. Our laboratory can manage complex mechanical interfaces design for your vibrations tests. Services include drawings design, modal analysis, and fixtures manufacturing with qualified subcontractors.

Our mechanical design office develop also mechanical endurance benches according to your specifications tests. Our philosophy is to develop less expensive solutions particularly when only one qualification test is requested. Our service include control and measurements software programming (Labview MMI), parts benches industrials drawings, and benches conception.

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