Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)

The purpose of the enclosure protection tests is to determine the ability of equipment enclosures to protect internal electrical and electronic devices according to more or less demanding levels of protection. These tests are carried out mainly according to standards: IEC 60529, ISO 20653.

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Dust and water resistance bench

Abrasion and erosion
Loss of thermal conductivity
Loss of insulation, electrical failure

CEI 60529, ISO 20653, MIL STD 810 method 510, MIL STD 202 method 110, GAM EG 13 fascicule 12 et 18, DIN 40 050 AECTP method 310, AECTP method 313, DIN 40050

Enceinte poussière essai d'indice de protection eau et poussière