Quality controls

Quality controls have become essential as the quality requirements of manufacturing processes, the technical evolution of components are high (IPC 610 A grade 3 standard, increased customer requirements, etc.), as well as the distance from suppliers as well as the complexity of the supply make these controls necessary.

These checks can be carried out as part of the control and monitoring of your production: new production line startup, quality monitoring of a process, they are also carried out as part of supplier checks: compliance with contractual technical specifications, batch validation…

The consequences of these non-compliances can be very damaging for a companies both in terms of image and cost, carrying out these quality controls constitutes an essential protection.

Components visual observation
with binocular
SEM (Scanning Electronic Microscopy)
Stich bonding
Ball bonding
Capacitor micrographic cross section
Capacitor micrographic cross section
wettability analysis
Thickness measurement of intermetallic layers on soldering
Chemical opening of microelectronic component
X ray analysis
Material analysis on
electronic component
PCB assembly quality control
according to IPC A 610
Quality control of Press-Fit
according to EN 6035-5 standard
Alloy homogeneity control
Plastic injection control
according to B30 4310 standard
Void control by X-ray