Dry heat / Cold / Rapid Change of Temperature testing

The objective of temperature tests is to determine the aptitude of components, equipments or other products to be used, transported or stored at high or low temperature or exposed to more or less rapid temperature variations, these tests are commonly associated with the tests of vibrations, mechanical shocks, sunshine, and altitude.

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Temperature range: from -75°C to +300°C
Rate of change : from 3°C/min to 15°C/min

  • Product deformation, dimensional change
  • Electronic components characteristics changes
  • Life time reduction
  • High pressure in tight area
  • Lubricant property change
  • Devolatilisation material
  • Hardening material
  • Cracks apparition
  • Mechanical bending

CEI 60068-2-1, CEI 60068-2-2, CEI 60068-2-14, MIL STD 810 method 501 et 502, MIL STD 883 method 1010 et 1015, MIL STD 202 method 108, GAM EG 13 fascicule 1 et 2, RTCA DO 160 section 4 et 5, AECTP method 302 et 303, D25 1324